The wig is nice but the model is amazing #realornot

Just browsing around Insta and spotted this beauty from Madison Hair collection. I thought the wig was fab but seriously, the model is amazing. I’ve seen some pretty darn ugly dummys on Amazon and other places selling wigs but this gal is a beauty. View this post on Instagram Loving the pops of color in […]

Things you need to know about wigs to help you be fabulous

People have always altered their appearance, cutting hair or rolling it up into locks are the simplest ways of doing this. changing this up has never been as easy with a wide array of wigs available on the market. With four main options on the market, polyurethane, mesh, combo, and open weft. Depending on your […]

So whats all the fuss about wigs you ask …. well…?

There are many reasons someone may want to wear a wig from just wanting to look different to having cancer and losing all your hair. Therefore, there are also lots of different kinds of wigs to accommodate all kinds of situations and to be used by both men and women. There are also party wigs […]