Things you need to know about wigs to help you be fabulous

People have always altered their appearance, cutting hair or rolling it up into locks are the simplest ways of doing this. changing this up has never been as easy with a wide array of wigs available on the market. With four main options on the market, polyurethane, mesh, combo, and open weft. Depending on your needs you can choose between full piece, toppers, and hairpieces. here are a few helpful tips to ensure your wig always looks fabulous.

Natural vs synthetic

Natural hair wigs are created using harvested human hair. They feel real, look real, and are the easiest to maintain. They cost between

Synthetic wigs are created by using man-made, synthetic products, weaved into an authentic-looking replication of natural hair.

There are various pros and cons to both synthetic and human hair wigs. ultimately personal preferences will help decide on the best option.

With natural hair, it is possible to heat and restyle the wig into many different styles. coloring is easiest, and most people prefer the feel of human hair. These wigs are more expensive, but this is offset by a longer lifespan.

Synthetic hair holds its shape and style extremely well. These are used with ease and are cheaper than human hair, but will have to be replaced more often.

If you are using your wig on a daily bases you can expect a synthetic wig to last 4-6months and a natural wig to last approximately a year.

Cutting and shaping wigs

This might seem like a bad idea at first, but personalizing natural or synthetic wigs to match face shapes is as important as matching natural hair. Trimming a fringe or cutting a wig into a completely new style should only be done by those confident with scissors. a good rule to follow is; don’t cut your wig if you wouldn’t cut your hair.

if you are planning on cutting your wig, follow a few simple steps.

  • Buy a big wig, remember you’ll be cutting away some of the fibers, cutting too much away might expose parts of the wig you don’t want to be exposed.
  • Avoid cutting the fibers at the same length. this will result in an unnatural look. Moving your scissors up and down, cutting diagonally and feathering are techniques used by hairdressers to avoid this unnatural look.
  • Leave your bangs longer. It is easy to cut your bangs too short, even with real hair. the difference is that a few weeks go by with real hair and the mistake is unnoticeable. Wigs you aren’t as forgiving and a bad cut into bangs could result in throwing the wig out.
  • Don’t force it. a tangled wig is frustrating and forcing a brush through it to untangle will lead to more damage. take your time to gently brush through the tangles using detangling oils designed for your wig.
  • Secure your wig onto the headpiece before attempting to cut. if the alignment is out on your headpiece it will show on your head.
  • Get expert help. If you can get a professional to cut, shape, or style your wig does it. If you cheap out on your wig, it will look cheap.

Other ways of personalizing

Adding accessories is a great way of personalizing a wig. Beads, feathers, and scarves are all items added to wigs that help your style shine through. Easily added and removed, a wig can be altered within minutes evolving with its wearer.

Maintainance and care

To prevent tangled hair use a headstand. Your wig will stay in shape. you can style your wig and use care products simply and easily.

Washing a wig will give it body and “life”. Special shampoos and conditioners must be used as normal care products will dry and damage the wig. Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their care products, ensure the right products are used as it could be an expensive mistake.

Both wigs will have to be replaced over time, but taking good care of a wig can extend its lifespan greatly.

Wig Maintenance:

  • use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • wash regularly, but not too much.
  • Keep all wigs on a stand when not in use.
  • use heat on natural wigs only.
  • No heavy oils or styling creams.

How to style your wig

just as with washing and maintaining a wig, the correct products need to be used to style your wig. Wig spray will keep the wig styled without being sticky. Hair straighteners are only used on natural hair.

Explore with different styles, shapes, and products designed for your wig. Practicality is of utmost importance. In summer months try lifting the wig or tying into a ponytail to avoid damp collecting in your neck or on your scalp. In winter add a scarf for added warmth. You’re only limited by your imagination.

styling your synthetic wig without heat is not difficult. Rollers wig spray, hairpins, and other products are available for synthetic wigs.

Embracing color

You might be happy with your natural hair color, but exploring with colors is the fastest way to drastically change your look. Having spent a few hundred dollars on your wig you might not be able to purchase one in each color they have available. changing the color of an older wig could get you wearing it again.

Natural hair can be colored using normal hair dyes.

Don’t cheap out

Just as anything in life. taking your time to research brands, styles, costing, and other important factors before making a purchase are always better. Buying the cheapest option almost always leads to low-quality wigs. and you’ll be spending money on a new one in a matter of no time.

Wigs can cost as little as $20 but a good wig will set you back approximately $200-$400

The most expensive wigs can cost up to $3000 and are high-quality natural wigs.

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